What We Do

What will you receive from us?

If you order a Fragrance Sample, you will receive the fragrance of you choice, absolutely 100% genuine - in either a 2ml, 5ml or 10ml size atomizer.

We offer 4 sizes for you - 1ml, 2ml, 5ml or 10ml - enough to try once or twice, take with you on the go or a larger size to really get to know the fragrance & have multiple days/nights wearing it & discovering the scent for yourself.

All samples are made to order -  absolutely nothing is decanted from the original bottle until the order is placed. This guarantees quality, freshness & will ensure the fragrance will be in perfect condition when you receive it.

Buying samples in various sizes can be a great way to build up a large fragrance collection, without splashing out on full bottles all the time & having more options to try different fragrances! Exploring new creations is the beauty of fragrance collecting & now it is more possible than ever!

Sampling is also a very efficient and economical way to try a fragrance to ensure you like it before buying a larger sized bottle.

1ml - Comes in a 2ml glass or plastic atomiser - great to wear a couple of times to see if you like the fragrance.

2ml - Comes in a glass or plastic atomiser, great for a few days or nights wearing the fragrance.

5ml - Comes in a glass or plastic atomiser - great to try over the course of a couple of weeks and perfect to take with you when travelling or in your pocket!

10ml - Comes in a glass or plastic atomiser - this is the largest size & will give you a really nice amount to get to know the fragrance properly. Perfect for travelling or keeping in your gym bag, car or office!